My name is Colleen...

Light + Love = two of my favorite things. They are what I am always training my eye to see and SNAP! Capturing your love in beautiful light, this is my passion!

I am a lover of life, a lover of people. I believe we are all created out of love and made TO love. We all have ways in which this love flows out of us, taking photos is one of my ways! 

I believe that life is a gift, I love to live it with all that I have (and take photos of it all along the way!). I am always honored when people invite me into their lives to photograph what they hold most dear. 

I am married to my favorite person (Andrew). He supports me, he fuels me, he challenges me. I am "Mama" to two beautiful babes (Isaac + Lenora), my little muses. Without these three, I wouldn't be doing any of this. 

I love Jesus. (He is Light + Love). It is because of Him that I am able to see anything beautiful (and take its photo!). I owe Him everything. 

That is me in a little nutshell... and now I want to meet YOU!